Today is 23 March, 2020. I created CueYouTube in a 6 hour Sunday night coding spree 9 years ago in 2011. Since then, 43,396 playlists have been created but now, YouTube has broken their API :( I created a new set of keys recently and it started working for a while, but it seems that I have to do something more to register the app with YouTube's API. We had a good run but I can't spend any time on it. If you want to generate a set of keys that I can host here, please do so and email them to me on If not, I've rigged it so that at the very least your existing playlist URLs will print out a list of links to YouTube videos. C'est la vie! - Iain Dooley

PS: I don't have a SoundCloud, but check out my new product that lets you use Trello as a Gmail client BenkoDesk

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